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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  December 23, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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robertson is sticking to his guns. robertson vowing he will not give or back off. over the weekend bible study dallas phil speaking out for the first time since making anti-gay comments. harvey levin joins us with the latest. >> hey, greta. >> probably a lawsuit. first we back up to phil robertson's bible study group. what happened? >> well, he, like you said, is he sticking to his guns. he is saying, look, he repeated pretty much line and verse what he said to the gq reporter. he says he believes homosexuality is going to be part of a thing that ruins the country. he said he himself this is interesting sexually sinned
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solved that issue my getting married to a woman and sticking to it if you can make sense of the comment. he said i am who i am. i'm not going to change anything. and the family is completely behind him. you know, greta, one of the things that occurred to me is, is that they suspended phil robertson but when you think about it a&e has got to know his family feels exactly the way he does. so they are sticking with the family but not with phil none of this is making sense with a&e. >> is a&e saying anything? >> well, i am talking to people there. what can i tell is you this they made their decision in no small part because there is a lot of gay people who work at the network. and the ceo of a&e felt how can she ask these guys to work as hard as they do to make this show a success when they are so
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disrespected by the star. the ceo was motivated in no small part by the her employees, also glaad, i'm told, issued a full-court press to get her to do what she did. and, by the way, she is getting a lot of death threats now. >> in terms of suspension, has she ever identified how long the suspension is how does the show continue when you take one person out of the cast where each person of a reality tv show is so critical? >> yeah. i will tell you. this and, again, i had a bunch of conversations on friday my gutted here is that a&e would love to bring him back what i have been told repeatedly is cool down after the new year get back into it. they want things to calm down and then go back to everybody and try to resolve it.
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and, my gut is, that they will they want to bring him back. on the other side, i'm told, on the family side, they think that it looks like the show may not come back you have two different parties viewing this differently. a&e wants to figure out how to resolve this and the family side says it's looking increasingly pessimistic that there will be a resolution. >> just before we went to the air, i do so often i went to tmz come and i learned that there is a lawsuit that is going to be filed by a self-proclaimed member of phil robertson's church what is that all about. >> greta, it's crazy. this guy is saying. he has filed a bunch of lawsuits in the past including lawsuits against apple and all sorts of people. this time he is saying that a&e has chilled his why right to
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hate gays he has the same feelings that phil robertson does. a&e has made it very difficult and that obama is conspiring with a&e in sending out this kind of propaganda. he is suing obama, he is suing a&e. and it's crazy it's just plain crazy. has it actually been filed? this guy claims is he a lawyer. curious, has it actually been filed? >> he has done it before. he has filed numerous lawsuits before. and what i was told was that the plan was for it to be filed by day's end. i couldn't get it -- we and what i was told was that the plan was it to be filed by days end. we couldn't find it in the system, but he is insisting that it will and when you look at his record, he's filed a bunch of these lawsuits. i would think's on the hook forg a lot of attorney b fees.icki >> real tree outdoors, one of
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the big sponsors sticking by phil robertson? >> i think cracker barrel is a kind oftu despicable what they did. that on saturday cracker barrel said we're pulling all of the phil robertson images or ed products that have his image on the cover.ty and we're going to pull them from the stores, because they say we believe in equality. we believe people have a right to be treated fairly, which is great, but then the next day, 24 hours later they flip-flop and they say we heard from a lot ofd customers, anduc they're all pissed off at us. so they've just got no spine. and whatever their position is, stick to the position if you'ren taking a moral position. at least stick to it. it's so transparent that this is about money. it's painful. >> well, if you want to go thatr far, come on, a&e says they're appalled and suspending them, but they're going to do a it
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marathon showing? there is really a competition, who cacan be the biggest hypocre in this story.t, >> n it's not a marathon for ont day, it's a marathon for like six days, we're talking about six, seven, eight, nine hours oo duck dynasty. how cann you guy does this if yu really feel that phil is this abhorrent, why would you put him on? angrd greta, we know the answer right? >> we certainly do, ca ching, ca ching. thank you. >> thanks, greta. p and one of the people oo immediatelyd coming to phil roberts robertson's defense, sarah palin. this is something that's seized the country.erts i've known harvey for 20 years.r he's gay, and he says he supports fill robertson's right -- phil robertson's right to
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say what he says. >> this is becoming a discussion outside of the legal realm, letting attorneys decide whether it's a free speech, under the rule of law or not, and now it's becoming more of a discussion within the exchange of ideas in the public and private square and in pop culture whether we're allowed to express our personal opinions without threats of intimidation and mockery and j criticism and losso of jobs andm revenue.te it's becoming a greater, bigger issue than what it started out a to be just a few days >> i think people loosely use the term free speech meaning that all of a sudden you have someone jump someone for sayingo something and that you don't jump others. t either we're going to let people trash talk or we're not going ts let people trash talk, but on the same token, if the market wants to be such that people want to watch someone, so be it. >> well, that's right.
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and that's why i say attorneys can discuss and argue whether it's a legal free speech issue or not, but i'm hearing a lot ow people start discussing now whether in our, especially pop culture venues, whether we're going to be allowed without f threats of a lot of intimidation and loss of opportunities to expresess our opinions. >> do you have, it is one thing to express your opinion. do you have any problem, you know, about theon't manners of e he said it?wsk. we don't talk about it on n television much. but if you raid the article, there's a rather graphic and he offensive a description of it. there are two ways to say different things. and his, in the article, and i e know he's a graphic type guy. but do you have any objection on the manners as far as how he said it? >> i haven't read the article. i don'tt know exactly how he st it, but greta, what he was doing was in response to a question about a lifestyle that he disagrees with, and yet, he has
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said over and over again, he doesn't hate the person engagin, in a lifestyle he disagrees with, but he in response, he way quoting the gospel. so people who are so insulted and offended by what he said, el evidently, are offended by whati he was quoting in the gospel. so, you know, that's a whole, a that's another interesting nt aspect in all of this. >> are you surprised by cracker appalled and as not so appalled now? >> yeah. they were appalled until they realized that, you know, the majority of americans are t saying, come on, you guys. thicken your skin and, you know, quit being so intolerant of va people expressing public opinion and private and, you know, cracker barrel, then, just after 24 hours, i o guess, of considering what they had done to pull items of duck dynasty off their shelves and
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decided that oh, a lot of the population is telling us that we made a mistake, it, it's kind oh amazing that just within 24 hours they realized that. you know, i think that they made aan mistake 24 hours ago by pulling items off the shelf, reacting as they did so quickly. >> governoisr stay with us. straight ahead, the latest y shots" fired in the nasty figh over christmas. plus, i will the show go on? can the duck dynasty family continue without their patriarch? or will they end upk in a legal battle with a&e? a&e or the robertson family, tweet or post right now using #greta. eequicksilver cash back card from capil one. it's not the "limit the cash i earnvery month" card. it's not the "i only earn decent rewards at the gas station" card. it's the no-games, no-signing up, everyday-rewarding, kung-fu-fighting, silver-lightning-in-a-bottle, bringing-home-the-bacon cash back card.
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christmas eve is just hours away, and people are fighting over christmas in new york. an atheist group post add bill board on a heavily traveled bridge. it says who needs christ during christmas, and the answer? nobody. and a family upset about a school board canceling a carolling. and we're back with sarah palin. before we get to your book, governor. i'm curious, this whole sort of,
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this fight over christmas, and when people are going to be able to express themselves and when they're not. your thought. >> there certainly is a war on christmas. and it's the tip of a spear on the war of a greater issue, and that is expression of faith and being able to live out the christian faith or no faith at all, any faith that a person would choose. there certainly is that war in our culture today. and -- >> why? >> i wrote about that in the book. >> why? >> why do you think that war's there? >> i think that people are offended, some people, at the idea that we aren't all that. we're not the center of the universe. and we as fallible, mess taista man, should be serving something greater than self. our world would be healthier, safer place if we would be more
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selfless and serve something else other than self, i.e. our creator. and especially the media, and the elites, they they think are all that. they think they are the hope, the change, the answer. >> they think they can create utopia, when, you know, most of us who are humble enough to admit that man can't do that. we're so fallen that we need a savior. we need something to look to for strength and hope and peace and joy. and a lot of us look to god for that. >> you know, i was always surprised. there's room for everybody. that's the, so why people are jabbing each other, you know, for having a faith is beyond me. you know, there really is room, you know, for everybody. and yet, for some time, some reason at this time of the year people decide they're going to come out and jab people, and i just don't get it. >> they jab people, they waste a lot of money, like that bill board. why didn't they take the money
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they were going to spend to try to offend christians or anybody who briefs in jesus being the reason for the season, why didn't they spend that money on helping the needy, helping the poor. i think that was a waste of resource. >> now to your book. i might add there's some recipes at the back of the book. this book has a little bit of everything. also quotes, quotes from president ronald reagan and martin luther king, but it also gets very personal. in one part of the book you write about a very personal time in your family's life with bristol, and you talk about being able to admit you're wrong. >> yeah. i think that that is some of the heart of christmas is being humble enough to admit that, again, we're not all that. we don't have all the answers. in that episode, that i was reflecting upon, when bristol came to us to tell us that she was going to have a baby and todd and i argued over what
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should she do next. i, you know, i thought she should get married. and todd said no, there's already been a heap of trouble piled on her plate. let's not encourage more heaping of more trouble on her plate. we argued about it and then i realized he was right and he was right. humbled myself and told him that. and reflected upon that in the book. and that, again, has a lot to do with that humbleness of jesus being born in a manger, not as some lofty king who came down amongst privilege and in your face kind of lecturing of everybody else and in the culture in which he was a part of. and much of the spirit of christmas has to do with being humble enough to accept that and have that child like faith to know that it was real. >> what stood out to me in the book is that you and todd have a disagreement and an argument about this, obviously from reading the book, it's painful.
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and then you write when bristol's son arrived he melted into our arms and melted my heart. in less than ideal circumstances, he turned our little world upside down and for the better. >> yeah. he sure did. and that was, you know, that was just a small episode in our lives that the case of bristol having the baby but it's turned in to the foundation of our family and a very important part of our life. and i consider that people all over this country are facing such challenges, greater challenges than an unwed pregnancy being a contribution to their family's foundation, but people facing such challenges, greta, they need empowerment. encouragement. the book reflects how we can be enkurked and empowered by humbling ourself the and looking
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beyond something than self. >> i read that we get ourselves all whooped up about problems and as they unfold and we come to terms with them. you used the term of course showing mercy is painful. when you and todd worked it out is that if we would just sort of ride through it, sometimes we make a bigger problem for ourselves. and in the end, we might be a little bit enriched at the other end of this. >> yeah. we always do, i think. for the most part, when something hits us and stops our world from spinning for a moment there we think it's the end of the world. then you can look back on the episode and realize that if you sought the greater good in that episode of life you do find out that it can be used, though it was in less than ideal circumstances for a greater good, to help your family, your business, your community, the world become a better place if you have a right perspective on
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what these challenges are. >> there's a lot in the book. also the merry crist moose chilly recipe that is recommended at the end. thank you very much. thank you, governor. >> thank you so much. merry christmas to you. >> merry christmas to you. and coming up, the robertson family versus a&e. and first, it was young people. then it was mothers. now who is the latest target of the obamacare campaign? you'll see yourself.
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the future of "duck dy the future of duck dynasty's up in the air.
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phil robertson's family is saying they cannot imagine the show going forward without their patriarch. so i take it that there's probably something called a morals clause in this contract, both ways. there usually are in these entertainment contracts. how do you define morals? does it mean more than we just don't like your opinion? >> well, not exactly. even though this is a bizarre situation, it's very simple. a&e's perspective is if they have a morals clause that is very broadly drafted, in which it is, because if they want to get rid of him, it's like an at will contract, good-bye phil, you're fired. whereas if there's a reverse morals clause whereby phil has a morals clause in his agreement, that allows him to rip up the contract if they do something bad. so essentially, it's all
11:26 pm
contract as you know. it's a negotiation. this is about money. >> can you say a&e, let's assume it's a morals contract. there almost always is ins they type contracts, can you say a&e waived it by virtue of the fact that even after they suspended him they continued to air him over and over and over and over again on these marathons. >> absolutely not. i would argue no, it's a broadly drafted agreement. i've seen enough of these where it's essentially, can you do something bad and they can get rid of you. so i would definitely think it's broad. >> i can't imagine that. because the whole idea of a morals clause is that you've said or done something that fully embarrasses us. so how in the world can you stan on that argument? how can a&e stand on that when they can't put him on the air enough now to get every last
11:27 pm
squeeze every last dime of this. >> i think essentially, they're going to say you did something that we exactly didn't want to be affiliated with. we don't want to be a part of it, good-bye and i think from phil's point of scrview he's go to say not yet. >> if they change the name from duck dynasty to duck hunting, because i assume a&e owns duck dynasty, at the end of their contract, they could move it to another network and call it something else. they don't own the reality show itself? but the concept in. >> they own the intellectual property. so if there's any type of theme, slogan or anything associated with this, they can't shop it over to someone else and pick it up.
11:28 pm
that's a huge lawsuit waiting to happen. >> i'm going to dig a little deeper, but i think a and e has waived any ability to get rid of robertson on a morals clause because they are not scanlized by it. so i don't see how they can evoke it as a breach of contract. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. today is the obamacare sign up kdeadline, or is it?
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now get ready to speed read your way through the news. now get ready to speed-read your way through the news. the speak of israel's parliament talking about displaying a christmas tree in the building. a government spokesperson
11:32 pm
insists the decision has nothing to do with israel's status as a jewish state. he says displaying the tree until the 27th would be too long. a dog was rescued. firefighters and police suited up in cold water gear and swam out to the dog. and tonight crosby is just fine and reunited with his family. and now to china. dennis rodman arriving in beijing. he arrived this time without meeting with dictator kim jong un, but the former nba star saying he's not disappointed and several states are filing lawsuits against target. they say that they failed to implement security measures. target says it is hearing very few reports of actual fraud but
11:33 pm
is closely monitoring the situation. and attention last minute shoppers. are you getting an extra shopping day -- not for christmas presents, but for obamacare. the obama administration sliding in another day. consumers are getting a 24-hour extension. joining us, our political panel. nina easton and joe trippi. we get an extra day. >> it's funny. as we see all of these delays and extensions come forward i think back to this consultant's report that came out in march. it portrayed obamacare as a seat of the pants operation, there were evolving models and deadlines. and that's what we're seeing right now. so though comes on top of this rollout of hardships inflicted on americans, which they've described as hardships, the white house. and the latest one right before
11:34 pm
today's delay being the people who lost their insurance are being given an exemption and a delay, a hardship delay to move forward. >> susan? >> in addition to that, there are people who tried to sign up and made a good faith effort, but weren't able to do so by the deadline, be it today or tomorrow, who may or may not be penalized. they've been real squishy about this, because they know so many people have tried to get on the website and got the error message. they're not sticking really to this fine, if you don't sign up on time. how are they going to determine whether a person made a good faith effort or not. so the lines are really getting blurred. the thing is kind of a mess. so they have to have everything slide into the future in terms of what the deadlines are going to be. >> they did have a million people hit the website today. and all they basically are doing is saying if you came in today
11:35 pm
and were part of that surge, you get one more day to complete the application and complete the enrollment. i think given the hardship, given that people were canceled or didn't have it and this would be the first time they get it, this makes sense. >> i tell you what is really annoying to me. i got this center for medicaid, medicare press release that they just issued today. it says as of 2:00 today, we've seen approximately 850,000 visits to that's 2:00. that as fantastic. except one thing. they sure get the numbers out fast when they're good. how is it they suddenly get the numbers so fast. to me, that was -- and one of our greta wire bloggers pointed that out. >> they should have been transparent about this all from the beginning.
11:36 pm
if we watched it go from 50,000 to 100,000, 800,000 into a million, actually today, it looks like. we would have seen that progress. instead, it's spotty and they can't come up with it till they want to. >> i feel like they're pulling a fast one. that whole time when they said they couldn't give us the numbers. just tell us, you know. we're big girls and boys. just tell us. >> the real political problem they're facing in the future, is it possible we'll have fewer people insured in 2014 than we did in 2013, when you start looking at the lagging signups and you combine that with the number of people, the five, 6 million plus dependents that have lost insurance, plus that some companies come enrollment period think they would rather dump people onto obamacare. still ahead, effective or offensive, a new ad targets gay men and not everyone is happy
11:37 pm
about it.
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now it's time to show you what we are watching and put together the most gripping videos out there. take a look. this is a wild scene, a jet slicing right through the edge of a building. the flight was about to take off from johannesburg, south africa.
11:40 pm
luckily none of the passengers were hurt. now to a sweet moment, a town coming together to make a christmas wish come true for a terminally ill little girl. she was wishing for a huge holiday sing along, and she got it. ♪ sleep in heavenly peace >> please sing louder so laney can hear you. >> the little girl also got another wish, and that was she video chatted with taylor swift. and another pop star giving holiday shoppers a big surprise. beyonce showing up at a walmart to do some shopping and promote her new album. but that's not all, she was giving shoppers a little rock star treatment. >> for everyone in the store right now, the first $50 of your holiday gives are on me. [cheers and applause] >> merry, merry christmas from
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beyonce. >> beyonce spending $37,000 to make several customers very happy. and have you seen the latest obamacare push? we talk about that next. ♪ [ male announcer ] if we could see energy... what would we see? ♪ the billions of gallons of fuel that get us to work. ♪ we'd see all the electricity flowing through the devices that connect us and teach us. ♪ we'd see thatlmost 100% of medical plastics are made from oil and natural gas. ♪ anan industry that supports almost 10 million americanobs.
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now to the latest pr push to get people to sign up for obamacare, it is a new ad targeting gay men. take a look. ♪ and when it's time for resolutions ♪ ♪ a health insurance solution stsd ♪ don't get left in the cold ssd snoet get enrolled, get enrolled, get enrolled ♪ ♪ when you finally meet mr. right, never again will you be alone ♪ ♪ you'll be glad you went to the site to gather your happy home ♪ ♪ the existing conditions won't
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stop'em ♪ ♪ get enrolled, get enrolled, get enrolled ♪ not everybody is happy about the ad. is it effective or offensive or something else? >> it's probably all those things. i think it's got to be to try to get the videos to go viral or something. i wouldn't have made that ad, but i think we're talking about it, and people are talking about it. and they need people, and technically in the gay community to be talking about obamacare and signing up. >> i guess if they're young, that would be a double you, though? did people get that? >> i guess so. it doesn't appeal to me, but i don't think i'm the target audience. >> are you sure? >> susan, your turn. >> this is not the first time we've seen an ad aimed at young people, there was one, the keg
11:45 pm
stand, the young man bouncing on the keg, talking about the need to sign up for obamacare and the woman hugging the birth control pills, saying at least i have my free birth control pills. the bigger problem is that young people aren't going to sign up because of kichy ads. the problem is the cost. they're not making enough money to buy this insurance. you still got to log onto the website. your premiums are $7,000 a year. so that's the bigger problem. i'm not sure ads, viral ads are going to help them get past it. >> as you point rightly pointed out. i think they're trying to be too hip by half. and that isn't the first time they've done t i thought it was offensive. it was a raw stereotype of gay man. what if you put a sexually charged 20-something women in tight bikinis in an ad trying to encourage them to sign up. people would be furious.
11:46 pm
>> they've done that one too? >> what about the woman with the woman holding the birth control. i thought it was a spoof. it was actually real. so i think they're really, they're trying to be kich eye or -- >> but their is not the obama administration putting this out? >> it's pro obama. >> you've got a lot of different groups out there making these ads, and i'm sure the obama administration wouldn't have made this one. >> i tried to make that point very plain, that wasn't taxpayer dollars by the obama administration or kathleen sebelius. anyway, panel stay with us. here's one you have to see to believe. imagine getting threatened with a ticket for washing your car in your own driveway. that's what happened to a new york man. check out the confrontation with the police officer in his driveway. >> your neighbor doesn't like you. >> that's not my fault. >> it is when they call me about
11:47 pm
things being done that goes against ordinance. >> such as? >> such as doing any kind of work here or detailing like washing the car. you're not allowed to do it. >> on your own property? >> washing motor vehicles. >> this is a private area. this is a private residential property. >> yeah. this is a private home. that's what you say. still in public view. >> you want to get the deed to the house that say it's private? >> yes, it is. >> turns out this guy lucked out in the end. he did not get a ticket. is it the best use of police time to ticket people for washing their cars? or is it a total waste of time? coming up, benghazi. susan rice got heat for her tv appearances where she blamed the attack on a video. now you have to see what she says about benghazi now. that's next.
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11:50 pm
okay, everyone, it's time to hash it out. george zimmerman racked up a lot of legal okay, everyone, it's time to hash it out. george zimmerman racked up a lot of legal fees, now it looks like he's found a way to pay them off. george zimmerman's painting sells for $100,000 on ebay. it's a painting of the american flag covered by words. the price rose from 99 cents to over $100,000 in one day can. she's a material girl in an instagram world. madonna posting this picture while on saturday night live. madonna moved her seat and pulled out her phone. instagram must really be in
11:51 pm
vogue. do you have a problem with washington? rapid paul tweeting a list of grievances. i like my plan and i didn't get to keep it. bipartisan deal is a synonym for increasing our dit. why did he choose today to air his gravances? he's celebrating a holiday created by jerry seinfeld.
11:52 pm
11:53 pm
test test
11:54 pm
. more than a year after the deadly attack on the u.s. kons lats in benghazi, susan rice taking to tv again. she says she has no regrets to making the talk show rounds five days after the attack. >> i don't have time to talk about a false controversy. in the midst of all of the swirl about talking points, the administration's been working very, very hard across the globe to review our security of our embassies and our facilities. that's what we ought to be focused on. >> we are back with our political panel. joe, there's a lot of controversy about benghazi. she says it's a false controversy. >> leslie stahl said something interesting. she said if not for this controversy i'd be addressing
11:55 pm
you as madam secretary. she said just call me sue. it's this inability to understand that there are people who still have a lot of questions out there. and she didn't seem to want to address them at all. i do think, look, the administration said it was the video, and then said we're wrong, it was terrorism. and i think that's what she's talking about false, about the false controversy, but there's deeper questions there that they still haven't answered for people, that i think she didn't get to in that interview. >> susan? >> yeah. they're missing a whole bunch of important issues about benghazi. why wasn't there security there in the first place? why weren't questions answered after? why was the administration so vacant after the incident of the and the administration has continued to stone wall congress about this. now congress has gone after
11:56 pm
them, doggedly and issued subpoenas and really tried to take control of this, and the administration has resisted this investigation. and there are really important questions. four people were killed, our ambassador was killed. and it's still hanging out there. and we left them basically defenseless here. and the interview didn't tackle that at all. it was more like do you regret what you said, the talking points, what about the larger issue of security and how we reacted in the aftermath. >> the larger issue was, was the administration taking the terrorist threat seriously. when you blame it on an anti-muslim video, that suggests that you're not taking terrorism seriously. it's about security at the ba e embassy. i think she was falling on the sword for hillary clinton and the president. i thought very interesting as joe brought up. shy was very defensive when leslie stahl said we'd be
11:57 pm
talking about you as madam secretary now. there's no doubt that she, not john kerry would be the secretary of state now. and there's no doubt that she couldn't get confirmed after this, and that's why she's not the secretary of state. >> you know what was hardest for me, why didn't he just tell us what happened. you know, i understand sort of in the heat of battle you get calls and you can make the wrong calls and 20/20 hindsight. but they had a lot of time to think about this video. but anyway, panel, thank you very much. and tonight, 150 u.s. marines on the move from spain to africa. they are prepared to go into south sudan if the state department demands evacuation of more u.s. citizens. hundreds of americans have already fled the violence plagued south sudan, a nation at the brink of civil war. now let's go off the record for a second. in election year 2012 i was in sudan with franklin graham.
11:58 pm
they have been doing humanitarian work for years. while in south sudan, we were invited by the president to his balance as for dinner, during the course of that dinner, the president said he had very much wanted president obama to succeed because of the president's african-american heritage but that he was deeply disappointed with president obama. at the time of our dinner, and for months and months previously, sudan and south sudan were feuding over many thing, including oil, and the president was not happy that he had not heard from president obama, that is until shortly before our dinner, and only after, the president surprised the world and turned off the south sudan oil fields which prompted a personal call from president obama. president obama asked the president to turn the oil fields back on. the president in his conversation with us accused president obama of only calling him for president obama's own political purposes. the president said that china
11:59 pm
got a big bit of its oil from south sudan, and when it was turned off, china was forced to go to the international oil market to buy oil, which then drove up the price on the international market which then caused the price of oil to go up in the united states. and this was during president obama's reelection campaign, 2012. the president accused president obama of not caring about policy problems but only about his reelection. word of caution. i don't have the president obama side of the conversation, but i'm only reporting what the president of south sudan told us. if you have an issue you think i should take off the record, go to greta wire and tell us about it. if you are just getting home and turning on that show that starts at 8:00. what is it again? "the o'reilly factor," pick up your dvr remote now and set it
12:00 am
for on the record. you can go to greta wire and have a conversation with us. so good night, merry christmas and happy holidays. "the o'reilly factor is on." >> women with women. men with men. >> and it is for their perversions. >> no apologies from "duck dynasty" star. the reality show family breaks his silence and says he won't back down from his anti-gay comments. >> there are a bump of things that we have been taking a look at and i am going to be making appropriate adjustments once we get through you this year. >> president obama's biggest failure. also his biggest achievement? why can't it be both? a new poll shows how divided americans really are. >> i would say this is the


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